Welcome to ITDominator.com! This site is here to promote myself to the world and to spread the Free & Opensourse Software (FOSS) way. In addition, I may just talk about random things not pertaining to either of the goals mentioned above. I’ve been working with *nix software since 2010 and continue to thoroughly enjoy every bit of it. It has given me a framework with which to live my life: To think outside of the box, to ask questions, to try different methods for approaching a problem, etc.

So far, this has culminated in me tackling the task of distributing an Ubuntu LTS based distribution called Sol-OS. It’s pronounced as “Sol OS” or “Solos”. The aim is to be the most feature rich system available while still being very lightweight when using system resources. At this point, I am working on version three which has been a long time coming. There are no current projections for completion for v3 other than as soon as possible.

Apart from that, I also have a Youtube channel which I use to give tips, tricks, and info to various problems or situations. I enjoy teaching or helping others broaden their horizons because I know that delightful tingle when something clicks and makes sense. It’s exciting and very empowering. When not making videos, you can find me at ITDominator Code, and/or Opensource.com.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something awesome in my little domain.